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Traditional Norfolk Black Christmas Organic Turkeys. Organic lamb from our flock of Charollais, Suffolk and Roussin sheep. We grow organic oats, barley, wheat and peas for our animals. Organic beef from our small herd of South Devons.

Organic Norfolk Black Turkeys - Christmas Sales 2017

Our order list is always open, so you can add your name at any time!

We aim to provide you with a delicious, traditional, organic turkey with very few food miles.
Our turkeys are supplied oven-ready and can be collected from our farm or delivered by courier;

  1. COLLECTING YOUR TURKEY: Lots of customers like to come to our farm to collect but if it is easier you can collect from Tavistock, Okehampton or Exeter. Please ask for details.

    (Alternatively click here to open/download a PDF version of the price list to save and/or print for future reference).

  2. TURKEYS DELIVERED BY COURIER: We have a good overnight service and your turkey will arrive in a cooled, insulated box. We like to make the best use of resources and we can reuse your insulated box lining if you feel inspired to return this (discount available). We also like to make best use of travelling so we can offer a good discount for more than one turkey delivered to the same address. We can deliver to all areas in England, Wales and most of Scotland.

    (Alternatively click here to open/download a PDF version of the price list to save and/or print for future reference).

What weight to choose?

Traditional Norfolk Black Christmas Organic Turkeys.At Christmas you can ask for weights between;
4 - 6kgs (9 – 13lbs) or 7 - 10kgs (15 – 22lbs).
We always choose a turkey as near as we can to your preferred weight – usually we are very close!
With a traditional turkey kept in a natural system there are very few turkeys between 6 and 7kgs, but if this is what you really want please tell us and we will see what we can do!
Often a large turkey offers the best value as we only charge for a maximum of 10kgs (22lbs).

For Thanksgiving in November we can supply turkeys of approximately 7 - 9kgs (15 – 20lbs).

Turkey Crown Selection: We created this idea for one or two regular customers, so now we thought it was time to put it on the website! The selection includes a Turkey Crown (approx. 3.5 to 4kg) for your main Christmas meal. There are also giblets and bones to make stock for gravy. Packed separately for freezing are two drumsticks, two wings and two packs of diced turkey. A Turkey Crown Selection is in fact the whole turkey, but split into smaller parts so that the turkey can be enjoyed both at Christmas and in the New Year.

* To Order Your Turkey... *

Please email: rosie@wonnacottfarm.co.uk
Or phone: 01837 871238

..then we can discuss the size of your turkey. You can tell us what size turkey you would like or alternatively you can tell us how many people you are cooking for and we can suggest a weight. You can tell us if you would like to collect your turkey from our farm or whether you would like us to arrange mail order delivery.
Our Christmas order list is open throughout the year – it is never too early to reserve your turkey!