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Traditional Norfolk Black Christmas Organic Turkeys. Organic lamb from our flock of Charollais, Lleyn and Zwartbles sheep. We grow organic oats and other cereals that our livestock enjoy. Organic beef from our own small herd.

Rearing Your Own Turkeys 2022

Traditional Norfolk Black Christmas Organic Turkeys.There is nothing like rearing your own Christmas dinner! Whether this is just a small number for yourself and for family or a larger number to sell to others ……….turkeys can be a bit addictive!

We can supply day old turkeys or turkey poults off heat. You can be sure of a wonderful Christmas dinner for yourself and great satisfaction from your customers too!

Our turkeys are Norfolk Blacks and they are..

  • From parent birds kept on a free-range, organic system, so they should have a healthier start in life.
  • Bred naturally on our farm from small groups of stags and hens without the need for artificial insemination.
  • Hatched from eggs laid in March onwards at the natural time in the spring.(No restricted lighting is used).
  • A traditional slow growing breed that gives an excellent flavour and texture – the response from customers speaks for itself!

Traditional Norfolk Black Christmas Organic Turkeys.Oven ready weights: You can expect weights between 4 and 6kgs from hens and between 7 and 10kgs from stags. The early May hatched birds will tend to have heavier weights than the June hatch but all will be ready in time for Christmas. They have a much longer life than most other turkeys and this is indeed a good selling point!

Hatching and prices:
Our turkeys hatch from the beginning of May through until the middle of June.
Off-heat birds are available from the middle of June to the end of July.

traditional Norfolk Black Christmas organic turkeysThe pricelist and other information for next season will be available from 31st January 2022.
To place an order, to request a price list or just to talk about turkeys, please phone 01837 871238 or email rosie@wonnacottfarm.co.uk .
We look forward to hearing from you.