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Traditional Norfolk Black Christmas Organic Turkeys. Organic lamb from our flock of Charollais, Lleyn and Zwartbles sheep. We grow organic oats and other cereals that our livestock enjoy. Organic beef from our own small herd.

Organic Norfolk Black Christmas Turkeys,


2021 Price List For Turkeys delivered by courier

4 - 5kgs (9 - 11lbs)
£83.10 Please add £12 to
each turkey for packing and delivery.

(We reserve the right to adjust the delivery cost for certain postcodes where the courier cost is more.)

Discounts available for more than 1 turkey delivered to same address.
Please ask for details.

Wednesday 22nd Dec. 2021
is our standard delivery
date for Christmas.
Small plus:
5 - 6.5kgs (11 - 14lbs)
Small /Medium:
6.5 - 8kgs (14 - 18lbs)
8 - 9kgs (18 - 20lbs)
Medium plus:
9 - 10kgs (20 - 22lbs)
Turkey Crown Selection:
Total weight 10-11kgs (22-24lbs)

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  • * TO ORDER *:
    PLEASE EMAIL rosie@wonnacottfarm.co.uk OR PHONE 01837 871238

  • Weight: Please tell us which size turkey you would like. Predicting turkey weights in advance is not an exact science (!) but we do our best and the result is usually a good match with each order.

  • Turkey Crown Selection: This is a Turkey Crown (between 3.5 and 4 kg approx.). It also includes giblets and bones to make stock for gravy. Packed separately for freezing are two drumsticks, one turkey thigh, two packs of diced turkey and two wings. A Turkey Crown Selection is a whole turkey but split into smaller parts so that you can spread the pleasure of the turkey beyond Christmas and into the New Year.

  • Payment: When you have ordered your turkey by email or by phone, we will email your invoice.
    Payments can be made by online banking or telephone transfer with details as follows:
    Account name: Wonnacott Farm Sort code: 40 44 05  Account number: 21072900. Please use your invoice number and your own name as a reference.
    We will acknowledge all payments.

  • Delivery: Please tell us your address and a contact number for delivery. We always request morning delivery, but sometimes in the busy Christmas period, the timing can run into the early afternoon.
    It is best if you can plan to be present when your turkey is delivered. In case this is not possible, then you need to do 2 things:
    - First, when you are ordering, please tell us where the box can be left safely. We will pass on this information to the courier.
    - Second, on the delivery day, please leave a signed note telling the driver the same information about where to leave the box.
    Your turkey will be packed in a cooled, insulated box but it will need to be refrigerated after arrival. It is important to ensure you have enough fridge space for your turkey.

  • Alternative delivery arrangements: Please just let us know if you have celebrations before Christmas Day, and we will be pleased to fit in with your plans if we can.

  • Discount! We use box insulation liners that are made from wool. They can be re-used so if you feel inspired to return the woollen box lining (post bag supplied), then you will receive a £6 discount on future orders.